Darksiders II Deathinitive edition


Darksiders II (the sequel to Darksiders) is an action role-playing hack and slash game developed by Vigil Games. It was released August 2012 for Microsoft windows, PS3, Xbox 360 and was a launch title for the Wii U when the console was released in Australian, European, and North American regions in 2012. The Deathinitive edition was released by Nordic Games for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PCs.

Darksiders III is currently said to be released in 2018.

Well with the long awaited announcement of Darksiders III I decided it was time I replayed Darksiders II but this time the PS4 Deathinitive Edition.

Now the Darksiders series are interlinked with each other, the first game in the series you play through as War. The storyline consists of you being tricked into starting the Apocalypse which then you have to try and stop and clear your name at the same time. In Darksiders II you play through as Death, Brother of War and try to clear his name as well as facing deaths own demons to fight against and finding out who is behind it all. All I know about Darksiders III is you play as fury. Not other details have been released yet.


As I said above both the Darksiders series is a hack and slash games with weapons like scythes, axes, and swords.


The original games themselves are absolutely immense. The story and game play are easy to follow and very fun to play. There is some mild language and a little blood and the finishing moves can be a bit graphic at times.


The Mastered Deathinitive edition is outstanding with graphics plus has had some newer and harder enemies to defeat. Sadly this game has is downsides.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete this game due to some extreme faults and glitches. After the 11th time of glitching out on the Guardian Boss I had to call it. These are not normal glitches either, these causes the console to fully shut down your PS4 so I urge caution on the edition.

Darksiders II 9/10

Deathinitive edition 1/10 (due to unplayable with glitches)


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